Dr. Sri Vellanki

Dr. Sri Vellanki

Nano Nails were developed by Dr. Sri Vellanki, a practicing dermatologist, out of her love of science, gadgets, and fashion. Vellanki was able to miniaturize a smartphone stylus to become a wearable accessory shaped like an artificial fingernail that can be incorporated into a manicure. The tips themselves are gray, and can be covered with polish, acrylic, or gel. You just can’t file or add product to the tip of the stylus.

While the tips add a bit of bulk to the end of the nail, this is necessary, says Vellanki, because there is a minimum size that the contact tip needs to be to activate a touchscreen. With time, the flat tip of the Nano Nail will wear down and become less functional, though at least one week of stylus use can be expected. “Safety, ergonomics, and aesthetics were of paramount importance when making design and material choices for the final product,” says Vellanki. Nano Nails come in four sizes and Vellanki recommends charging an additional fee of $5 to add it to your regular manicure or gel-polish service.

For more information, go to www.nano-nails.com.

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