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The BCL/CND/Tippi Hedren Nail Scholarship Program is Now Accepting Applications

by Tracy Rubert | July 30, 2014

The Beauty Changes Lives/CND/ Tippi Hedren Nail Scholarship program is now accepting applications through September 8, 2014. This program is open to new students attending a qualifying nail technology school. Ten winners will receive 100% of their program tuition costs funded (up to $5,000).

Entrants must meet a qualifying school’s entry qualifications and provide proof of enrollment with a start date of classes no earlier than July 14, 2014, and no later than January 11, 2015. The program application requires two components this year: a short, 500-word essay or a video (1-3 minutes) that tells why you are pursuing a career in the nail industry and how the professional nail scholarship would change/fulfill your life, and an inspiration/vision board that visually supports your personal story and goals. Vision boards may be done collage-style on paper and uploaded or done electronically. Examples of vision boards can be found on the BCL website along with past winning entries, complete instructions for the entry process, and tips and hints from the judges.

Judges are encouraging entrants to be creative with submissions, as they are looking for unique entries that express passion and enthusiasm for the nail industry.

Visit the Beauty Changes Lives website to apply.

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