Jeweler Su Laing is known for charming many in the nail industry with her handcrafted reusable nail jewelry called Nail Veils. These semi-precious designs have been seen at Fashion Week and used by celebrity techs everywhere. Laing is now expanding the Nail Veils brand to include rings. “The new pieces are my way of exploring a fierce feminine side of things,” says the designer. “I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how fast and furious the nail jewelry trend is expanding. I don’t feel that nail jewelry has to replace nail art but can be used in conjunction with it to give techs and customers another option to have their style story told,” she says. These rings step it up a notch by combining the coverage of a traditional Nail Veil with a chain and band so the design extends from the finger outward. You can glue them, set them in top coat, cure them in gel, or embed them in acrylic. It all depends how long your clients want to wear the piece and the adjoining ring. The good news is this nail jewelry cleans like a regular Nail Veil; simply soak in acetone, use jewelry cleaner, or buff with baking soda. If you have client who appreciates nail jewelry or you enjoy evolving and adapting your style, consider these rings the next step.

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