We started off with 24 semifinalists, but have already narrowed it down to 18 after a preliminary challenge. (Check back in a few weeks to get a peek at the two preliminary challenges.) While we are sad to lose six of these skilled competitors, we are excited to see what the Top 18 will accomplish. Please join us in congratulating the following for advancing in the pre-competition:

1. Alecia Mounixay

2. Amy Gustafson

3. Angel “Nuni” Torres

4. Danielle Costantino

5. Erica Tam

6. Karrie Bowers

7. Konstantina Tsihlas

8. Lauren Boyd

9. Lavette Cephus

10. Lexi Martone

11. Lini Sherburne

12. Marianthi Tsitsopoulou

13. Marisol Alvarado

14. Robyn Schwartz

15. Sherri Traweek

16. Simone Gilbert

17. Tara “NailGurl” Fisher

18. Yessenia Oliva

We will announce the Top 12 next Friday, June 27. Stay tuned to see who will be packing up their paintbrushes and who will be one step closer to being named NAILS Next Top Nail Artist.

In addition to CND, sponsors include Bioseaweed Gel, Dashing Diva, Entity, Gel II, Gelish, INM, It’s So Easy, Super Nail, Orly, and Young Nails.

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