NAILS got the inside scoop on a new product set to launch at the Premiere Orlando beauty show this June. La Palm Leadership and Artistry Academy educator and veteran shop owner Angela Blaisdell created a new removal solution for gels, wraps, acrylics, and nail art called proTIPCLIPS. These reusable ergonomic finger or toe clips come in a pack of 10 in a personal storage box. 

Blaisdell wanted something other than the typical tin foil removal method, which she found never works well enough. “I don’t have the time to cut foils after appointments either,” says Blaisdell. “Disposable wraps got expensive and the trash you accumulate is saddening.” 

She crafted a prototype in her own home, had it professionally refined and engineered, and then fitted and tested on friends and family. Blaisdell has worked with Vicki Peters, who has tested the product herself. 

“It’s a smart, simple, and much-needed method for removal developed by a nail tech for nail techs,” she says. “I haven’t used foil or pre-made wraps for over a year now!”

The product was officially released mid-April and can currently be purchased online. Here’s how it works:


1. Gently buff the surface of the polished nail to remove the shine and break the seal. Saturate the cotton with your preferred remover product and position it on the nail. 


2. Place proTIPCLIPS on nail over the cotton and wait for the recommended time. 


3. Remove the clip and gently remove the remaining product. 

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