1. P.E.P. the natural nails. (For details see the CND VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish System Step-by-Step online at www.cnd.com.) Apply two thin layers of VINYLUX Mint Convertible.

2. Apply a layer of VINYLUX Cake Pop diagonally across the nail.

3. Dip the tip of a large stylus into VINYLUX Cake Pop and apply dots over the Mint Convertible. Continue applying dots in descending sizes along the line.

4. Repeat this technique with VINYLUX Mint Convertible, over the Cake Pop. Apply a layer of VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat.

Nails by CND Education Ambassador Shelena Robinson


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❑ VINYLUX Mint Convertible

❑ VINYLUX Cake Pop

❑ VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat

❑ Stylus

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