Next Top Nail Artist top six competitor, Jane Moate, is known for her quirky style and fun YouTube videos ( Her most recent endeavor, Jane’s Tiny Things, is a line of Etsy products the nail artist developed, featuring her Tiny Nail Decals. “I have loved making crafts and art on a small scale since I was a child, and one day I realized that the smallest scale happened to be attached to my fingers,” says Moate. Each decal is based on a hand-drawn design done by Moate herself. Each sheet of decals contains different varieties of styles (big and small; color and black and white), and since they are teeny-tiny (decals shown here measure about a quarter inch), you get a lot for your money.
To apply:
1. Cut decals to fit nails.
2. Use tweezers to dip decals into lukewarm water for 10 seconds. Slide decal from paper backing and place it on the nail. Use your finger to smooth out any air bubbles.
3. Add a top coat to secure the design.
Moate recommends wearing these small wonders with lighter shades, neutrals, metallics, or even a clear base. If there’s a look you want that’s not in her shop, she can even create a custom design to fit your client’s needs.
    For more information, visit Jane's Tiny Things.

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