Veteran nail tech and salon owner Maisie Dunbar wears many hats. The owner of Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge in Silver Spring, Md., Dunbar recently accepted an additional role: an advisory board committee member for Montgomery County Public Schools’ cosmetology and nail tech programs. “I accepted because I realize the students need to learn all they can about the industry, so when they receive their licenses they will already have a clear understanding of the options available in the beauty industry.”

A first committee meeting led to Dunbar speaking to the new cosmetology and nail tech students at Edison Career Center. “I talked about how empowering it is to be a beauty professional and gave some examples. I told them about my journey and what it takes to not only be successful but to stay in the game of success. They were very excited,” Dunbar says.

Dunbar encourages other salon owners to speak to students. “I think it would be very impactful. When people enroll in beauty school, they think ‘I love to do hair and nails.’ But when you bring in a professional who’s been out in the real world to tell you about all you can achieve and all of the different aspects of the industry you can get into, then the student thinks ‘I have options.’”

Dunbar also encourages salon owners to host field trips on the premises, allowing students to observe the nuances of salon life up close.


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