Proper documentation and procedures are essential in case a patron brings a lawsuit against your salon, according to Sean Brownyard, executive program manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group ( “Keep records of patrons and the details of the services they received, a general accident report file, and up-to-date records on past employees, complete with copies of their licenses. Institute an incident management program and instruct your beauty salon employees on the best way to manage mishaps or accidents.”

Here are more tips from Brownyard for your protection:

>Document all patrons and the details of the services that they receive, including walk-ins. This protects your spa from false or exaggerated claims. At the minimum, each service should have a record of the name of the customer, the tech, and the date and time that it was performed. It is also helpful to make a note of any medical conditions of the client and any comments she made during or after the service.

>Should you have a claim or lawsuit brought against you by a client, report it to your insurance agent/broker immediately. Do not try to handle the situation on your own.

>Make a practice of maintaining records, including appointment books for a period of two years. Include customers’ names, appointment dates, services rendered, and the products used.

>Maintain a general accident report file, with blank copies in the event of mishap or injury. Counsel employees not to discuss details of an incident with coworkers or customers.

>If an accident occurs, don’t panic. Take charge quietly and efficiently. If it is a minor cut or bruise, apply a good antiseptic and a bandage. If the cut is serious, apply a bandage and take your client to a physician immediately. If the client reports an infection later, refer her to a physician. Never attempt to treat an infection yourself.

>When an accident occurs, whether it is a slip-and-fall or a minor injury as a result of a service performed, a staff member should complete and file an injury report as soon as possible. Documenting the details while they are still fresh in the mind could make a difference when defending against a claim. Forms should be made readily available and should, at a minimum, ask for the following information: name(s) of affected individual, date of incident, a detailed description of the incident, and names and contact information of witnesses

>Keep up-to-date records on past employees, regardless of the circumstances of their leaving, for at least two years. This will help in the case where a patron brings a lawsuit to the salon after their treatment and after your technician has moved to a new job.


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