The single most important thing that I learned while in school was to be sanitary and maintain good practices. My health is very important as well as that of my clients’. I also feel the most practical skill that I learned was how to properly sculpt a nail. Hands come in all shapes and sizes, so using a tip is not always an option.
Rachael Waggoner, Dazzlin’ Digits 3D Nails
Lakewood, Colo.

Attention to detail. And that includes everything from sanitation in the beginning to the type of oil used on the cuticles at the end.
Amy Henderson, Elite Manicures
Ottawa Canada

Education doesn’t stop when you finish school. You must invest in yourself to continue to get the most out of your license.
Alica Best, Alica Best Nails
Griffin, Ga.

The most important thing I have learned in beauty school is the effect a woman's pampering can have on her, as well as the gratification I acquire while not only making clients feel comfy and beautiful, but also knowing I am portraying myself in the most professional and beautiful way possible. I recall very vividly my instructors reiterating the importance of portraying yourself as well as possible, and in turn, your clientele will grow. Choosing to go to beauty school has further helped me learn how important the time my clients have with me is, and how beautiful, sexy, and womanly the services they receive empower them to feel. Beauty school has taught me to project what I know and understand to those who come to me for a reason — to feel and look their best!
Nicole Gramm, Student at Federico Career College
Fresno, Calif.

The journey only begins when you've got the basics from school. There is so much more that can't be taught. Personality, people skills — you can do great work but if you’re rude no one will come back.
Brian Allen, Brian Allen Beauty
San Diego, Calif.

Sanitation is priority!
Laura Albino, Polished Elegance Nail Salon
Del Rio, Tex.

 The most important thing I learned in beauty school is that client patience and loyalty comes to those with a stellar attitude and great customer service. The clients I gained in school stayed with me for seven years until I moved to another city. A few years after I graduated I was replacing pictures in my portfolio album, mortified at the majority of the older pictures. I asked my clients why they had stayed with me. When I started, it took me four hours to produce a truly horrific sculpted set and almost all of them would pop off within 48 hours. Across the board, all of them told me it was because I was a pleasure to be around. I always kept their coffee mugs full, always had donuts and snacks on hand, and I never forgot to send thank you, birthday, and holiday cards. Those things matter and should never go neglected, especially when your clients are nice enough to let you burn them and cut them in the pursuit of technical expertise on a bi-weekly basis.
Tina Alberino, Alerissa Salon
Tampa, Fla.

Never stop learning.
Millie Haynam, MD Beauty & Wellness
Solon, Ohio



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