Winnie Huang is a talented nail artist (and recent nail school graduate!) residing in Surrey, Canada. She’s the creator of nail art blog The RAWR Shop (, where she showcases her designs — inspired by current nail and fashion trends — and networks with nail enthusiasts and prospective clients alike. OPI’s Liquid Sand Collection as well as metallic studs are the prime ingredients for one of her latest creations: the Liquid Sand Gradient manicure.

1. On eight nails (all except an accent nail on each hand) apply two coats of OPI’s Stay the Night.

2. Once the base layer is semi-dry, dab on thin layers of OPI’s Can’t Let Go with a sponge starting from the center of the nail plate continuing to the free edge. You can choose to apply the polish directly on the sponge, or put a small amount on wax paper for easy reapplication. Repeat this step until Can’t Let Go blends in with the base color.

3. Immediately after, dab on layers of OPI’s Get Your Number as the final layer (using the same technique as Step 2). This layer should be more opaque, with no visibility of your base color. This color is to cover the free edge while blending in with the second color, creating a gradient effect of the Liquid Sand collection. Allow ample time for polish to dry completely without any top coat.

4. For the accent fingers, apply two coats of OPI’s Eurso Euro to the entire nail.

5. Apply metallic square studs by picking them up with an orangewood stick and placing them in a vertical line on the accent nail. (Huang used KISS Nail Artist Metallic Studs.)

6. Apply top coat to seal and secure the embellishment.

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