Backscratchers’ Heavenly Soles Complete Pedicure System features a handful of products that together create an ultra-hydrating and customizable pedicure that’s both easy on the nail tech and indulgent for the client. An aromatic footbath solution, exfoliator, moisturizer, and elixir of enzymes pamper and protect the soles while spa drops in six different scents allow clients to tailor their experience.

1. Use one to two pumps of Heavenly Soles Foot Bath per gallon of warm water. Add three to 10 drops of Heavenly Soles’ Aromatic Spa Drops. Soak both feet for 10 minutes, and then scrub them with a brush. Dry off one foot, leaving the other to soak.

2. Clip the toenails of the dry foot and push back the cuticles. Place the foot back in the water. Repeat on the other foot.

3. File the freshly clipped toenails with a Backscratchers’ replaceable 240-grit fi le. Use either Backscratchers’ Stainless Steel Nail File handle or the SeptiFile plastic nail fi le handle. Put both feet back in the bath.

4. Remove one foot from the bath and apply 2 to 3 pumps of Heavenly Soles Triple-Action Exfoliant. Massage the product into the foot until the skin begins to soften.

5. Gently file call used areas with Backscratchers’ Stainless Steel Foot File while the foot is wetor dry with your choice of a 80-, 100-, or 180-grit SeptiFile Replaceable Abrasives. Place the foot back in the bath and gently massage away the exfoliant residue. Repeat on the other foot.

6. Towel dry both feet and massage each foot with a pump of Heavenly Soles Liquid Talc.

7. Apply one to two pumps of Heavenly Soles Comfort Moisturizer to each foot, massaging feet, ankles, and calves gently until the product is absorbed. For lasting fragrance, add one or two drops of the Aromatic Spa Drops to the Comfort Moisturizer. 

8. Remove moisture from nails with Backscratchers non-acetone Stripr polish remover on a Neat & Tidy pad. Thread in toe separators and begin polishing.

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