Nobody knows better than Las Vegas and San Francisco-based nail tech Sindy Mark the value of a photo when it comes to inspiring clients to try something new. A licensed cosmetologist since 1997, Mark is also the educational director for Kupa Inc., where she developed the Kupa Certified Advanced Training courses, programs, and classes.

To make it easy for clients to opt for those unusual shapes and designs that are so much fun to create, Mark and her colleagues at Wild Orchid Nail Salons ( provide thousands of photos of nail art of different types, shapes, techniques, and lengths.

“Our website has a ton of examples of our work. So do our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. They’re our biggest marketing tools,” she says. “Nowadays, clients have done their homework and come into our salon with examples of their own that they find on the Internet and social media.” The rest is simply word-of-mouth. “Always leave them with a few business cards,” says Mark.

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