Independent nail wraps brand Scratch needed $6,000 to do a run of three of its latest styles. Founder Chelsea Kent, a web designer with a love of the arts, put the project on crowdfunding site She received a whopping $36,865 in donations.

“It’s really great to see all of that support and validation,” Kent says. “One of the most exciting outcomes of the extra funding is we’ll be able to continue to create new Featured Artist collections every month.” Scratch sets itself apart by being a platform for artists to create and share their designs. “What that means for our nail wrap designs is they’re unique to the artist’s style and in general to the world of nail wraps. We want to work with all types of creatives to get a large variety of personality and unique style for our wraps. Our nail wraps are designed by all of us, the people who want to wear them, instead of a large company that’s deciding styles for us,” Kent says.

The Kickstarter funding will also allow Scratch to use custom-designed packaging so it can be sold in boutiques and salons and to restock popular designs that didn’t get a full run the first time.

Kent definitely sees salons in the equation. “We are looking into options for working with professional beauty distributors and are currently looking into pricing for wholesale to individual nail techs for salon use and retail as well,” Kent says. (For more information, e-mail  

You can also apply to design a line of wraps. E-mail with examples of your nail designs that you think would translate well into wraps and an introduction to who you are and what you love. Each of the featured artists receives a percentage of the profits from her wraps, as well as 30 of her wraps for her own personal use.

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