Over the summer, Michelle Phoenix, owner of Wet Paint Nail Spa in Cambridge, Mass., sent out the following announcement to her clients: “While we all enjoy a little quality ‘me-time,’ sometimes our kids need to join us in our daily rounds. To alleviate the fear of interrupting the relaxation of your fellow spa-goers, we are introducing Mothers’ Hours. Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., while open to anyone, are times that your munchkins are welcome to join you at your nail appointment.”

What prompted this action on Phoenix’s part? “Occasionally we’ll have a mother come in for a service with her baby and she’s always really worried about bothering the other clients,” says Phoenix. “I felt it would just be easier to set aside some time where everyone is welcome, but mothers and children don’t have to feel uncomfortable.” Infants can stay in the stroller during mom’s manicure or sit in mom’s lap during the pedicure. For bigger kids, Wet Paint has a small table and chairs with coloring books, puzzle books, and flash cards.

Phoenix is happy to report the program is a success. “The women who don’t bring children with them think it’s a nice idea and the mothers who come with their children love it,” she says. “I had one client tell me that she was thrilled because she hadn’t gotten her nails done since she’d had her baby and couldn’t wait to come back.”

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