Bundle Monster has special nail art stamping plates for Halloween that let you create fun and easy nail art. Even novice nail art enthusiasts can make professional looking designs quickly and easily with Bundle Monster Nail Stamping Plates. The company has over 300 unique designs for you to choose from. If these stout goblins and slender witches get you in the Halloween spirit, the application is easy as pumpkin pie.

1. Prep the nails and paint with a base color of your choice. Apply an opaque nail polish (dark and opaque colors tends to work best as the stamping polish) on the design of your choice.


2. Quickly swipe away the excess with the scraper (an old gift card also works great).

3. Immediately pick up the image with the stamper. You should see the image pick up on the stamper.  If your image did not pick up completely, you can try again after cleaning the stamper and the plate.

4. Place the design on the nail using a rolling motion from side to side. Again, they key is to move quickly so the polish doesn’t dry on the stamper.


For more information, go to www.bundlemonster.com.

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