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Behind the Scenes: Our Very Own Bond Girl

by NLS Staff | October 25, 2012
Skyfall’s Bond girl, played by Bérénice Marlohe, can be seen sporting our cover look in this month’s release.

Skyfall’s Bond girl, played by Bérénice Marlohe, can be seen sporting our cover look in this month’s release.

When the new James Bond film, Skyfall, comes out this month, take special notice of the nails on up-and-coming star Bérénice Marlohe. The newest Bond girl will be seen wearing two shades from OPI’s Skyfall Collection — Skyfall, a rich maroon shade on the top of the nail, and GoldenEye, a shimmering gold painted on the undersides.

When we found out we had the opportunity to showcase the look on our cover to coincide with the movie premiere, we jumped at the chance. Annette Soboleski, a veteran nail tech who works in OPI’s corporate office in Los Angeles, came in to do the look. Soboleski has been doing nails for 26 years, the last 12 of which have been spent working at OPI. Her job as nail technician support allows her to work in a variety of capacities. She works with products when they’re in development before they are introduced to the market. And since she’s worked with the products for so long, she’s able to answer any technical questions that come in from nail technicians to OPI’s customer service hotline.

In addition to working with the product and helping nail techs with technical support, Soboleski gets to work on OPI photo shoots for advertising, including working with celebrities. And while she didn’t do the nails on set for Skyfall, she perfected the look for us on this month’s cover.

Here’s how you can do these nails:

1. Prep the nails. Apply nail forms in order to extend the nails.

2. Using OPI Absolute Natural acrylic, sculpt the nails so you will have enough length to polish the undersides.

3. File the nails into a squoval shape.

4. Cleanse the nails and apply base coat.

5. Apply two coats of Skyfall to the top of the nails.

6. Apply two coats of GoldenEye to the underneath of the nails. Apply top coat.

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