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Bar-Coded Nails

by NLS Staff | September 25, 2012

Blogger Jessica Washick of "U Don't Need a Man, U Need a Manicure" created the bar-coded nails look with a magazine and vodka, says Allure magazine's September 2012 issue. And it only takes four easy steps.

What you need: Nail polish, ten small bar codes cut from a magazine, a bowl of vodka, and topcoat.

STEP 1: Paint nails. Washick chose a gradation of pinks and corals. Wait until they're no longer tacky.

STEP 2: Dip the bar codes in a small bowl of vodka to saturate.

STEP 3: Press the wet bar codes face down on nails. Smooth the paper with a fingertip and hold it in place for about 40 seconds.

STEP 4: Peel off bar codes and finish with a layer of topcoat.


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New KUPA E-file Features Bluetooth Capability

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New KUPA E-file Features Bluetooth Capability

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