The best beauty buys for 2012 according to InStyle were listed in the magazine's May issue. Nail products included:

  1. Zoya Remove Plus, best remover  This three-in-one is "not your average remover," says L.A. nail pro Jenna Hipp. It comes in a convenient pump (no muss, no fuss), and it's so incredibly strong that it can remove black polish in a single swipe. Yet, it's gentle, moisturizing nails without leaving a white film.

  2. Orly Bonder, best base coat  Living up to its name, this rubberized base coat bonds to the nail bed so polish remains chip-free for seven to 10 days, says New York manicurist Dana D'Andraia, who works with Kerry Washington. Its pink-based undertone gives nails an "extra-healthy glow," adds manicurist Julie Kandalec.

  3. Essie Power Clutch, best trendy color  This steely gray has green undertones that make it as flattering as it is trendy, says manicurist Aggie Zaro. Plus, it has a chameleon quality it seems to shift colors in different light.

  4. Essie Wicked, best dark shade This is "your go-to dark, vampy color," says manicurist Dawn Sterling, who has used the fierce hue on Rihanna. The reddish-brown is "modern, classy, and edgy," says Lisa Jachno.

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