Sweet Momma Pregnancy Wellness Spa, Edmonton & St. Albert, Canada, uses:  Zoya 3 in 1 Remover, Anchor base coat, polish, Armor top coat, and Hurry Up speedy dry drops; Qtica Cool Anti-Bacterial Spray and Triple Action Foot Soak; Sooo Smooth Callus Dissolver; DannyCo Wet/Dry Foot File; LaRosa Cuticle Softener; Haken Cuticle Oil; Sweet Momma Sweet Orange Creamsicle Scrub (unscented scrub, sweet orange oil, orange zest, and vanilla) and Sweet Orange Creamsicle Lotion (unscented lotion, sweet orange oil, orange zest, and vanilla); Cali Chem Cooling Mud Mask; Footlogix #3 Very Dry Skin Formula; (optional) Gigi Paraffin.


1. Spray the client’s feet with Qtica Cool Anti-Bacterial Spray. Use Zoya 3 in 1 Remover to remove existing polish. Apply Sooo Smooth Callus Dissolver onto calluses.
2. Soak the client’s feet in warm water with Qtica Triple Action Foot Soak for five to 10 minutes. Offer pillows and ask about any concerns with her feet. Make the service’s scrub and lotion by combining unscented scrub and unscented lotion each with sweet orange oil, orange zest, and vanilla.

3. Use a DannyCo Wet/Dry Foot File to wet file on each foot. Prep toenails, including removing the cuticles with LaRosa Cuticle Softener. Oil the nail plates with Haken Cuticle Oil and do a soft buff.
4. Use the foot file to dry file each foot, followed by a quick wet file.
5. Exfoliate the client’s feet and lower legs with the Sweet Orange Creamsicle Scrub. Dry the client’s feet.
6. Apply Cali Chem Cooling Mud Mask to feet. Leave on for five minutes. (Optional) Offer Gigi Paraffin as an add-on service.

7. Clean the nail plates. Apply Zoya Anchor base coat. Massage one foot and lower leg with the Sweet Orange Creamsicle Lotion.
8. Apply one coat of Zoya polish. Massage the client’s other foot and leg with the lotion. Apply the second polish coat.
9. Apply Footlogix #3 Very Dry Skin Formula to the client’s feet.

10. Apply Zoya Armor top coat. Let dry. Apply Zoya Hurry Up speedy dry drops.

Price: $68 ($78, with paraffin)

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