First for Women magazine released two holiday-inspired manicures in their December 2011 issue that could dress up any outfit regardless of the season. Their compositions also help nails appear slimmer and longer.


Use a base coat to even out the surface of the nail; sweep on one that's fast-drying. Then apply two coats of opaque pearly white polish and let nails dry completely.

Accessorizing one nail with pretty swirls breaks up the block of white and pulls the eye vertically for a whole hand-lengthening effect. To do this, simply dip the tip of a toothpick into gold polish (like Nicole by OPI glitter polish in My Stocking) and dot on haphazard swirls starting at the cuticle and working out to the tip.

*This manicure is also great for slimming wider hands.


Apply a thick even coat of LCN's Magnetic polish in Green Temptation. To get the star effect, immediately hover the LCN Star Magnet (available online) over the wet paint as close to the nail as possible without touching. Hold it in place for 20 seconds.

When you remove the Star magnet, you'll notice a tone-on-tone iridescent star. The line down the center draws the eye vertically to help short nails appear longer.

*This manicure is good for lengthening short nails.

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