The products combine the antioxidant properties of vanilla bean, grapeseed oil, and pure sunflower extract, which is an excellent source of Vitamin E, for a hydrating treatment of luxury and comfort.

1. Soak nails and push back the cuticles. Apply Cuccio Naturalé Vanilla Bean & Sugar Scrub, using a gentle circular movement to exfoliate the skin. Place a warm damp towel onto each hand to cleanse the skin.

2. Apply Grapeseed Hand Anti-Oxidant Oil and massage gently into the skin.

3. Apply Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap with the application brush directly over the grapeseed oil.

4. Wrap hands in damp warm towels or heated mittens for five minutes (longer if time allows). Unwrap hands and wipe off any excess.

5. Massage the Vanilla Bean & Sugar Body Butter into the skin for extra long-lasting hydration and to seal in moisture.

“Our clients are addicted to the warm irresistible aroma of Vanilla Bean & Sugar. Although we have launched the treatment as a winter service we know it will be a year-round favorite.”

Owners Ben Nissan and Ronnie Yesharim of Hands to Hold Salons in Encino and Sherman Oaks, Calif.




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