Glamour magazine, in its December 2011 issue, recommends trying something bold this holiday season. Nail artist Kimmie Kyees gives tips on how to achieve extreme attention-grabbing nails as a way to celebrate.

Get Stunning Sparkle: "Glitter is an easy transition to more outrageous nails," says celebrity nail artist Kimmie Kyees, who's worked with Rihanna. Too much? Do only the tips. "Get loose glitter, and dip your wet polished tips into it, or just coat the tips with a thick glitter polish."

Coat 'Em With Crackle: Glamour's a fan! A secret: Instead of brushing on polish vertically, go sideways. "It'll look less like lightning bolts and more like animal print," says Kyees.

(OPI's Blue Shatter)

Make Your Point: Adele likes a long, point shape, but you don't have to go overboard. Kyees says to file shorter nails in an oval instead of a point so it's not so drastic.