Salon owner Melodie Hand uses her own product line, dubbed Tickled Pink Bath Boutique, in this blissful berry-themed pedicure.

Tickled Pink Salon, Clayton, N.C., uses: Tickled Pink Bath Boutique (a division of Tickled Pink Salon) Strawberries & Cream Foot Soak, Scrub, Cuticle Oil, and Lotion; cuticle remover, acetone or 99% alcohol, strawberry slices, lemon slices; Beauty Secrets Sticky base coat, INM Out The Door top coat; strawberry-red polish, green acrylic paint, yellow acrylic paint, and green glitter.


1. Soak the client’s feet in warm water with Tickled Pink Bath Boutique Strawberries & Cream Foot Soak and lemon and strawberry slices for about 10 minutes.
2. Serve the client a strawberry pastry and an iced strawberry lemonade (garnish with lemon and strawberry slices). Place a warm neck wrap around her neck.
3. Starting with the right foot, remove any polish and prep nails, including applying cuticle remover.
4. While the cuticle remover works, use a foot file to smooth out calluses. Then push back the cuticles.

5. Exfoliate the client’s right foot with Tickled Pink Bath Boutique Strawberries & Cream Foot Scrub. Place the foot back into the foot bath and rinse off the scrub. Then repeat the prep steps and the scrub application on the left foot.
6. Remove both of the client’s feet from the foot bath and dry them.
7. Apply Tickled Pink Bath Boutique Strawberries & Cream Lotion lightly on the client’s feet and lower legs (no massage here).
8. Wrap both of the client’s feet in warm towels.
9. Massage Strawberries & Cream Lotion into both lower legs. Remove the towels and massage the feet.
10. Cleanse nails with acetone or 99% alcohol.

11. Apply Beauty Secrets Sticky base coat to nails. Create a strawberry-themed nail art design on the client’s big toes, using strawberry-red polish, green acrylic paint for leaves, yellow acrylic paint for seeds, and green glitter to add sparkles to the leaves. Apply the red polish to the other toenails.
12. Apply INM Out the Door top coat.
13. Apply Tickled Pink Bath Boutique Strawberries & Cream Cuticle Oil to nails.

Price: $60

Alternate Names: Berry Nice Pedi, Super Strawberry Indulgence, Berry Bliss Pedicure

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