Dip It from Parley Innovative Solutions is a new acrylic dipping system that uses nanotechnology to maximize product performance. The system is non-yellowing, odorless, and offers an easy way to apply acrylic enhancements. Fills can also easily be done with this system.

1. Santize hands and use an e-file with a fine sanding band to remove excess cuticle and shine off the natural nail. Apply the Foundation/Builder liquid on all 10 fingernails and let dry.

2. Apply a thin layer of Structure/Base Gel starting from above the middle of the nail bed to the free edge. Brush back and forth three times, ensuring it is evenly applied.

3. Dip the nail into the white powder at a 45° angle to create a smile line. Tap the finger after removal to shake off excess.

4. Dip the entire nail into the pink powder at a 45° angle. Tap to remove excess each time. Apply a thin layer of Structure/Base Gel to the entire nail after. Repeat this step for all five fingers.

5. Apply Promoter/Setting Dryer Liquid to the entire nail plate. Repeat steps 1 - 4 on the other hand.

6. Using a medium nail file, shape the sidewalls to create the desired shape. Use an e-file to remove imperfections and finish the arch of the nail. Buff all 10 fingernails.

7. Wash hands (do not use soap), and dry thoroughly. Apply a medium coat of Promoter/Setting Dryer Liquid to the entire nail on all 10 fingernails. Dry in front of a fan for 30 seconds.

8. Apply two thin layers of Gloss Top Coat. Fan dry for 60 seconds, and repeat on the other hand. Apply cuticle oil and massage.

Watch a video of the Dip It System: www.nailsmag.com/video/DipIt.

For more information, go to http://www.parleyllc.com/dipit2/example.html.