If using real snakeskin to create a venomously hot mani-pedi gives you the creeps, then here’s a step-by-step to create faux snakeskin nails in your salon. Bio Sculpture Gel educator Terri Silacci of Euphoria Lounge in Monterrey, Calif., says, “Once I figured out how to adhere real shed snakeskin, I came up with a synthetic version also with Bio Sculpture Gel that would combat the efforts of having to locate naturally shed snakeskin, sanitize it, and convince some that do not like snakes to have it applied. Now there is a less time-consuming, less labor-intensive, and less expensive version, also with Bio Sculpture Gel.” All products named in the step-by-step below are from Bio Sculpture Gel. For more info, visit www.biosculpturegel.com.

1. Use small scissors to cut Mimic-Mesh into a square. Wrap Mimic-Mesh around and under the client’s finger (similar to how you would place foil during a soak-off procedure). Use a Multi-Use Metal-Tool to gently push down the Mimic-Mesh into the nail, starting from the center of the nail working toward the eponychium. Make sure to have a snug fit. Remove mesh from the finger.

2. Prep the nail.

3. Apply a generous layer of Sculpting Gel. Do not cure.

4. Place the Mimic-Mesh back over the nail and use the Multi-Use Metal Tool to gently push the Mimic-Mesh onto the nail, starting from the center and working toward the eponychium (tucking in around the cuticles). Make sure to push the mesh deep into the wet Sculpting Gel. Cure for 30 seconds.

5. After 30 seconds, slowly pull the Mimic-Mesh out of the “set” Sculpting Gel. The Mimic-Mesh design will be seen on the gel. Cure for the remainder of the two minutes.

6. Remove the sticky residue with Sanitizer.

7. Use a 180 Grit White File Patch to buff the surface gently until semi-smooth. Brush the nail gently to remove filings.

8. Apply a layer of Color Gel in the color that you want the lines to be (the color shown is #2011). Cure for two minutes.

9. Fill in the holes with a second color gel (the color shown is #2010). Cure for two minutes.

10. (Optional) Fill in the remaining holes with a third color gel (the color shown is #2012). Cure for two minutes.

11. Apply a finishing gel that’s appropriate to the client’s nail type.

12. Wipe the sticky residue. Apply Cuticle Oil. (In this photo, the faux snakeskin pattern is on the right finger, and the real snake shed is on the left finger).

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