Help is at hand for techs who suffer from overworked, tired, and sore muscles. The Hand, Foot & Body Massage Tools Professional Kit from The Nail Superstore is comprised of nine ergonomically correct massage tools to be used during manicures, pedicures, or body massage. Designed to deliver acupressure at various trigger points, each tool effectively releases and relaxes clients’ achy muscles. By using the ergonomically comfortable acupressure tools, techs will be able to massage deeply into the clients’ muscles without exhausting their own hands, shoulders, and back. The tools offer better stimulation and relief to tense muscles because they are shaped to land on tender reflex points. With instruction videos available on YouTube, techs can learn to perform reflexology, giving them a way to personalize their massage services through this ancient, non-evasive method of healing the body’s aches and pains.

The soft shape and smooth feel of the tools allow them to be used without oil, and cleanup is easy with standard salon disinfectant. Tools are available individually or at a discounted rate by buying the nine-piece kit.

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