SheeKee Nails — formerly known as Trendy Nails Unlimited (TNU) — offers a new way to design stylish, eye-catching nails. The pre-made designs can be used with any acrylic or gel system, as well as on their own, for an artistic look. They apply easily with a little heat, providing full-coverage for both fingernails and toenails. Designs come in different shapes to fit any nail as well as partial coverage for a colorful French look.

1. Push back cuticles and lightly buff or fi le the nail bed. Brush off nail dust and select a wrap size that fits best.

2. Heat the adhesive side of the wrap with a blow dryer for two to five seconds.

3. Apply wrap onto the nail bed and secure it with your fingertips.

4. Heat the wrap again from the top.

5. Pull the wrap toward you and down over the free edge. This will secure the wrap tightly to the nail bed. Trim the wrap to the free edge.

6. File the wrap flush with the free edge. SheeKee Full Coverage wrap application is now complete, but for extended wear follow steps seven and eight.

7. Buff all the wraps with a buffer or low-grit fi le and brush the nail dust off.

8. Apply a gel top coat


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