Even if your salon doesn’t offer hair services, all clients brush their hair. Consider offering some of these cool brushes as retail items for your nail clients.

1.   The Marilyn Brush by Robanda International offers the Twin brush, which is two brushes in one. The round body features a different type of bristle on either side. The nylon bristles grab hair, remove moisture, and are excellent for styling. The boar bristles close the cuticle and are perfect for finishing. The handle features a unique off -set “knife grip,” which encourages the Marilyn “1/4 turn and pull” technique.

2.   The Flexo Brush, by United Salon Associates, is really seven individual combs fused into one brush. These combs help to detangle wet or dry hair without breaking or damaging follicles. This brush can be used for in-shower conditioning. It is also gentle on hair extensions.

3.   Cricket’s Friction Free 10 Rake Comb has an ergonomic design and wide teeth ideal for detangling or conditioning treatments.  The Friction Free Paddle Brush is equipped with ion-infused bristles with tourmaline. Cricket also offers a Friction Free Thermal Brush with a seamless ceramic coated thermal barrel for improved heat retention and faster drying time. 

4.   The CHI Turbo Brushes from Farouk Systems are durable, have non-slip handles, and each bristle is equipped with ceramic nylon tips. The CHI Turbo Solid Brush produces smooth, straight results with nine parallel rows of bristles and a half-circle paddle. The CHI Turbo Large Paddle Brush is optimal for straightening long hair with a blow dryer. 

5.   The T-Curve Collection by Creative Professional features a triangle-shaped brush design that allows for more contact, maximum control, and greater volume. The brushes are available in several sizes and have tourmaline/ceramic and negative ion technology, which prevents static.  

6.   Brusheez includes a brush handle, six ceramic brush heads, and six clips for easy styling. The round brush heads can be rolled into dry hair, detached from the handle, and then secured with a clip. Once the brush heads are in place, they may be heated with a blow dryer to achieve a styled look.

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