Gracia Beauty Stained Glass Gel Nail

by Staff Writer | July 1, 2010

Gracia Beauty’s Gel System combines functional and well-performing soak-off gels with a nail art sensibility so techs can create endless nail art designs. The gels are available in convenient kits that suit each tech’s need, with a basic kit for simple sculpts and Frenches, an intermediate kit for nail art, and full-color gel lines of more than 100 colors.  

1. Clean the cuticles, file nail for shape, and etch the nail for tip application. Glue the nail tip to the nail, and clip the nail shape.

2. Shape and blend the nail tip.

3. Apply Hi-Bonder to the nail, then Flexible Clear Gel and cure for two minutes.

4. Add two or three gel colors on the tip and cure for one minute.

5. Decorate with glitter the area where the nail meets the tip, and apply hologram nail art. Cure for 20 seconds. Overlay with Clear Builder Gel and cure for two minutes.

6. Remove the stickiness with a soaked cotton ball of Gel Cleaner. File with the Gracia 180-grit file. Finish file with the Gracia Soft Touch 220/240 file.

7. Apply Super Top Gel on the front of the nail.

8. Apply Plus Shining Gel on the back and a small amount on the sides. Cure for three minutes. Use Gel Cleanser on both the front and back to bring the nail to a bright shine.

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