Masterworks Innovations’ CEO and veteran nail tech Amy Becker has come out with a new clear form designed specifically for hard or soft gels from any manufacturer.

The forms have a wide grip toward the free edge so techs can create a nice C-curve while adhering it to the nail. They have a slightly laminated finish so the gels will not stick to them when removing the forms. And the adhesive creates a snug and secure fit to the nail and skin, but removes easily when pulled.

Becker says, “When we developed our line of gel products, I was not satisfied with the other clear gel forms on the market. I needed a larger form in order to close the tip of it to create that perfect C-curve, a good thickness so they aren’t too flimsy or too stiff , and I wanted guidelines on the forms because most forms I saw for gels didn’t have these,” she says.

And Becker is proud that manufacturing is done in the U.S., about an hour outside her home office in Cedarburg, Wis., and she has so much confidence in her forms that she is offering free samples to any tech who is interested. You can request the forms via e-mail at For more information, go to


1. Becker demonstrates how the extended area around the free edge makes it easier to bend the form into a C-curve.

2. The guidelines on the top of the form help techs keep their extensions a consistent length and shape.

3. The special laminate on top of the forms allows them to easily slide out from under the gels without sticking or pulling.

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