Antoine de Paris offers durable and economical pedicure and manicure tools to keep nails trimmed, cleaned, and ready for any product enhancement. The tools are made of stainless steel so they can withstand a lifetime of cleaning and sanitizing, and they are ergonomically designed to keep nail techs from getting cramps or fatigue while using them. The pedicure tools are formulated to completely clean the nail beds and leave toes fresh and clean for polished or natural looks.   


1. After soaking the client’s hands or feet, dry them and apply a cuticle solvent or oil to the cuticle area.


2. Massage cuticle solvent cream into cuticles to loosen the cuticle from the nail plate.


3. Using the Antoine de Paris Double-Sided Combo Tool #17, a naturally curved cuticle pusher, gently push back and lift the cuticle that adheres to the nail plate. Complete removal of this skin from the nail will assure proper nail polish adhesion.


4. Scrape any additional pterygium from the nail with the Antoine de Paris Double-Sided #54 Pterygium Remover, for left-handed and right-handed nail technicians.


5. Use the Antoine de Paris #14 Cuticle Nipper to cut and remove any excess cuticle tissue that was pushed back off the nail. Now the nails are ready for polish.



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