If you’re looking to add a nice finishing touch to any nail look, a UV gel top coat can be a great way to cap off the enhancement with a protective and high-gloss coating. This can also be a great up-sell for clients looking for that extra step in chip and yellowing prevention. Here’s a sampling of some UV gel top coats.


Research thoroughly which type of gel top coat will work best for the services you give. Most UV gel top coats are meant to go over acrylics, gels, and wraps, but others are more specific to particular enhancements, and some can even be used over polish.

> Inform your clients to the benefits of a UV gel sealer. A high-gloss protective layer can really extend the longevity of colored gels and acrylics and pink-and whites. The formulas typically have UV blockers to prevent yellowing, and some will even have brightening agents to make the colors underneath really pop.

> Price it moderately if it’s an add-on. If you have a gel top coat that isn’t included in your service, typically a $5-$7 add-on charge is average.

> Endorse it yourself. One of the best ways to get a customer to try something new is to give them your personal experience with it. If you typically cap your nails with a UV gel sealer, so should your clients.

> Give the first one free. This is the best way to test out clients and see if they’re interested. Inform them what the product does, give them a first time free, and see what they think. More than likely they’ll be impressed with the results and will incorporate a UV gel sealant into future services.

Akzéntz’s Top Gloss Clear Bright is a high-gloss clear sealant that keeps French whites whiter while protecting the nail with a high-gloss finish. The UV top coat creates a thin, natural-looking layer with a shiny appearance to brighten underneath colors.

Amore’s Ultima Gloss Top Gel is a self-leveling, viscous product that will adhere to even shiny surfaces. It can be used over any gel or acrylic system and cures in two minutes under a 9- watt lamp.

Backscratchers’ Ice is a UV gel top coat that helps prevent yellowing and keeps nails from chipping, lifting, and tearing. The UV-cured top coat can be used on any artificial nail enhancement and is transparent and non-porous, making it impervious to weather, polish stains, and acetone.

CND’s Brisa Gloss Gel Top Coat is a high-gloss, UV light-cured gel top coat. It seals and protects gel enhancements, creating a durable shiny finish, and brushes on easy. The gel top coat cures quickly in a UV lamp.

Gelousy UV Dry top coat is a hybrid between a gel and a traditional air-dry top coat and designed to be used over nail polish. When cured in a UV lamp it will completely dry in two minutes, or it will air dry in five minutes.

Dashing Diva’s Gelife Top Gel has a very thin viscosity to leave a slim layer of protection over gel enhancements. The Top Gel can also be used to encase Dashing Diva’s French Wrap Plus product, which puts perfect smile lines on nails.



Entity’s UV Top Coat will seal and protect acrylic nails. Apply one coat at the end of a service and have the client apply once again in between services to preserve color and brightness.

Bio Sculpture’s UV Gel Top Coat is applied as a thin finishing layer over clear, color, and French gels to keep colors vibrant and clear gels crystal clear. It cures within 30 seconds to a high-gloss shine under a 9-watt UV lamp.

Bellisima’s Bella Shine Top Coat is a UV gel top coat that can dry without a UV lamp. The top coat has a thin viscosity for quick dry times but seals to a strong and protective layer to keep enhancements safe from yellowing and chipping.

Nailite’s Gentle Gloss UV Soak Off - Gel Top Coat is a high-shine, tack-free UV gel top coat that gives a finish that will last for four to six weeks. The top coat soaks off in less than two minutes with acetone, and it can be used over both acrylics and gels.

LeChat’s Pro-Tec is a non-cleansing UV Gel Top that requires no buffing and leaves no tacky residue. The top coat protects nails with a high-gloss finish that lasts and cures in two to three minutes in a UV lamp. It works great over gels, acrylics, or wraps.

Light Elegance’s Top Gloss cures tack-free, has low odor, and gives a stunning high-gloss shine. This gel top coat can be applied over polish. The UV-cured finishing gel is great for polish, but Light Elegance recommends its Super Shiny for better coverage for French looks.

IBD’s Intense Seal is a non-cleansing UV top coat that cures in a 9-watt lamp in two to three minutes. The formula eliminates buffing and leaves a mirror-like high-gloss shine.


Luxe Finishing Gel is a self-leveling top gel that is extremely durable with a long-lasting, high-gloss shine. It can be used over gel and acrylic and has a two minute curing time.


Kinetics’ Super Sealer is a unique high-gloss, acetone-resistant UV gel top coat that can be used over any nail extension. With a drying time of less than two minutes, Super Sealer leaves no sticky residue after curing and provides excellent protection against nail staining and yellowing.

Nubar’s Infinity Soak-Off Gel Sealer is easily applied with the applicator brush, and goes on thin and evenly for a nice and shiny protective layer. The Sealer helps prevent damage to the enhancement underneath and cures in two to three minutes in a 36-watt UV-lamp.

Star Nail’s UV Gel Sealer has a wipe-less formula that combines a number of application steps in one. The formula is self-leveling, so filing time is reduced and buffing is virtually eliminated. It provides a solid seal that reduces lifting, peeling, and cracking on any gel, wrap, or acrylic application.

OPI’s Axxium No-Cleanse UV Top Sealer Makes finishing faster than ever. This brush-on, non-yellowing sealer fills in imperfections and seals any enhancement with a high shine and the tack-free finish is brilliant straight from the UV light.

Young Nails’ Finish Gel is a high-gloss gel sealer with a thin viscosity that leaves no tacky layer. The brush-on top coat is self-leveling for excellent coverage and it can be used over gels, acrylics, fiberglass, or silk.

Tack-free Glaze ‘n Go UV Gel Sealant by NSI is a great add-on service for gels, acrylics and wraps. It is easy-to-use with its brush-on applicator and provides long-lasting, scratch-resistant shine.

Nouveau Nail’s Super Seal UV Gel Sealer offers extreme durability and a high-gloss shine. Use over UV gel, polish, or enhancements for ultra long-lasting toughness. Super Seal also has a new no-wipe formula to make the service even quicker.

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