When Shauni Kelly was creating Hot Heads Barbershop and Cool Claws Nails in Albuquerque, N.M., she wanted to take the “rock star pedicure” service (in which glitter is applied over a gel application) to the extreme — by tying the entire pedicure room decor into the “rock star” theme. “My dad, two brothers, two uncles, and many cousins have worked in various phases of movie, TV, and live music productions over the past 30 years,” Kelly says. “I told my father my idea, and he helped me bring it to life.” Her dad, who owns staging company ProWest Production Services, built a miniature stage with room for a leather recliner. The salon’s wall decor includes memorabilia from Kelly’s dad’s collection, including framed autographed pictures of various artists (including Nickelback and Willie Nelson), backstage passes, guitar picks, and posters.