Pioneering the latest trend in nail polish, CND’s new Colour and Effects line allows you to create endless combinations of unique polish blends by combining rich nail colors with an assortment of shimmering effects that will change the look and gloss of the finished nail.

The Effects are placed on top of the Colours after they have dried, and come in three different categories:

• Pearl — A fine opalescent to create a glowing effect.
•• Shimmer — A more dramatic effect that shimmers under light.
••• Sparkle — The most dramatic effect that creates bright flecks on top of base colors.


Here are two unique combinations from CND educators:

Bonnie Rios, Rio Rancho, N.M.
“Creamy Cameo #512 as the Colour and Copper Pearl #551 for the Effect. The new brush is fabulous for this line. It has wide bristles with triangle hairs that work together to provide easy coverage and even have a slight suction effect on the nail.
I put two thin, even coats of the Colour and then one coat of the Effect, and I always make sure to allow sufficient dry-time between all coats.”


Nikki Birch, Scottsburg, Ind.
“I lean toward dark, rich colors that make strong statements. I find Oilslick to be quite versatile when adding Effects because all of the Effects seem to look great over it. Here is my favorite, Oilslick with Emerald Shimmer on top. To show you the contrast, Oilslick by itself is on the left.”

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