When it comes to corrective powders, Entity’s educator Lorena Marquez knows her stuff. A former NAILS Magazine #1-ranked competitor, Marquez is an accomplished technician with a vast knowledge of acrylics, and she is well-versed in the practice of smoothing out nail imperfections. She offers this insight into how she uses corrective powders.

“I always tell nail artists that using a corrective powder is like using a foundation for the natural nail. These powders are designed to hide flaws and imperfections to enhance the look of the natural nail. The trick is to apply corrective powders with a drier consistency along the free edge and apex for great coverage, and with a wetter consistency and very tiny bead along the cuticle area for a more blended, natural look. Be sure to apply both beads extremely thin and flush to the natural nail.

“Then finish building the nail by using a translucent pink or clear for strength and a more realistic look. By going thin, varying the consistency, and finishing with a translucent powder, you’ll create natural-looking, beautiful nails.”

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