From left to right.

From left to right.

1.PBIGroup’s new sunless bronzing system, SoBronze is designed for all skin tones and types. It contains nutrients, antioxidants, and conditioners for a healthier-looking, sunless tan. Products include a bronzing mist, face tanning lotion, and two shades of body lotion. For more information go to

2. Bikini Kitchen’s Booty Butter tanning lotion is made of all-natural ingredients from Hawaii. Kona coffee extracts draw sunlight into the skin and give it a mocha fragrance, and nut oils and aloe vera keep skin moisturized. The tan accelerator has bug-repellant qualities, is water-resistant, and contains vitamins A, E, and C. For more information go to

3. Lindsay Lohan and celebrity airbrush tanner Lorit Simon introduce Sevin Nyne, a spray tanner in a hot pink and black aerosol can. The tanner nourishes skin with powerful antioxidant goji berry and moisturizing chardonnay extracts. For more information go to

4. Fake Bake’s self-tanning lotions last for days and are designed for easy application. A dark temporary color lets you see exactly where you’re applying the product — apply at night, shower in the morning and you’re good to go. Products have been reformulated to be paraben-free. For more information go to

5. Body Drench’s Quick Tan line includes scrubs for application preparation, a tanning mist, and tan extender that inhibits hair growth for a long-lasting, smooth tan. Its whipped chocolate self-tanning foaming mousse has a delicious chocolate fragrance. For more information go to

6. St. Tropez tanning products include the Tan Optimizer Shower Cream with Mediterranean oils and aloe vera that hydrate, cleanse, and add color, all in the shower. Self Tan and Everyday products create a long-lasting tan, and Aromaguard technology reduces the odor of DHA. For more information go to

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