Nailite’s Soak-Off Gels gently soak off in acetone in 10 minutes or less. The one-step, self-leveling gels can be used on sensitive skin, and are durable, flexible, and easy to use. The gels cure with a 9-watt UV lamp in two minutes and with a 6-watt UV lamp in three minutes.



1. Prep the natural nail and remove the shine. Dehydrate the nail removing any oils and dust particles. Apply a thin layer of Soak-Off Gel Polish. Cure for 90 seconds. Remove tacky residue and apply a second coat. Cure for 90 seconds. Apply High Gloss Tackless Sealer and cure for one to two minutes.



2. To remove, soak a cotton ball with acetone and place on nail.



3. Cover with foil and let sit for about five to eight minutes.



4. Gently remove the gel polish using a cuticle pusher.



5. Buff the nail and continue with pedicure procedures.

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