Nail techs and aestheticians give Good Housekeeping readers tips on saving money at a nail salon, and do-it-yourself tricks for keeping hands and feet hydrated and exfoliated.

  • "Skip pro manicures and pedicures during the winter months and buff nails instead," says a Massachusetts nail tech. She also suggets switching to a nude polish to stretch out the time between salon visits.
  • Ask nail techs for a discount during the middle of the week, when business is slower.
  • Face creams with anti-aging ingredients can be used as hand or cuticle creams.
  • An at-home foot soak can be made with warmed olive oil, vitamin C, and lemon juice.
  • "Apply hand lotion adn cuticle oil, then put on a pair of light cotton gloves under rubber gloves before you do housework. The heat you generate will help the cream and oil penetrate better," a New York-based celebrity manicurist  tells the magazine.