Sundrops uses: Bag of faux diamonds and colorful gems; SpaRitual Harmonizing Soak Tonic and Instinctual Moisturizing Lotion, Blue Cross Cuticle Softener; base coat, top coat, and polish.

1. Have the client wash her hands.

2. Begin nail prep.

3. Fill a manicure bowl with faux diamonds and SpaRitual Harmonizing Soak Tonic. Soak the client’s hands.

4. Apply Blue Cross Cuticle Softener. Gently push back cuticles.

5. Massage arms and hands with SpaRitual Instinctual Moisturizing Lotion.

6. Buff the nails. Apply base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat.

Alternate Names:  Jewel of a Manicure, Sparkling Nails Service, Diamonds in the Buff

Price:  $22

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