Nails by Maureen “Moe” Dagg, Moe’s Toes, Almonte, Ontario, Canada


To get her signature style:

1. Apply a coat of white acrylic craft paint. Apply three different shades of yellow acrylic paint over the white, mixing them together to create a mottled effect. Outline a butterfly in black on the big toenail. On the bottom of the other toes, apply light green paint to resemble grass.

2. Blend yellow, orange, and light brown paint to shade in the wings on the big toe. On the other toes, apply dark green paint for shadow.

3. Apply fine lines in black to create wing sections of the big toe. Use white paint to add eyes and wing tip detail. On the other toes, use orange, yellow, and white paint to
create the flowers. Apply two coats of clear nail polish. 

She charges: $35 (+$9 if nail prep/mini-pedicure is needed)