Minx offers a new and innovative way to add color to nails without using traditional liquid polish. The sparkling metallic colors shown here are made of a special adhesive that is applied to nails using heat. Technicians match the client’s nail beds to a Minx template, remove the adhesive backing, apply it to the nail, and file off the excess. Minx lasts about 1-2 weeks, like regular polish, but does not require drying time and has no smell. The nails are removed by reapplying heat and slowly peeling the template off.



1. Place Minx under the Minx Heater and prep the nails. Then take a Minx nail template and size it to match your client’s nail bed. Make a record of each client’s size.



2. Clean the nail bed with a lint-free pad and rubbing alcohol. Do not use acetone. Remove the Minx nail from the backing sheet and hold under the heat until the product visibly softens. Apply Minx to the center of the nail bed and work out toward the sides, cuticle to free edge.


3. Once all the nails are applied, file off the excess material with a Minx Crystal File. Be sure not to file over the top of Minx. Allow the product to cool for 20 seconds before you file.


4. Under heat, apply even pressure to each nail, starting from the center and working out to the edges. Then check each nail and smooth out where needed. Use an orangewood stick to help smooth out the nail.

5. Once the nails meet your approval, ask the client to self-check the application.

For more information, go to www.minxnails.com.

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