Monday nights are a beauty queen and fashionista’s dream. We already had CW’s fabulously stylish Upper East Side crew in Gossip Girl…then got MTV’s “inside” look at the fashion industry with The City. And then ABC gives us beauty overload with the über-primping contestants on True Beauty. (For those who haven’t caught an episode yet, it’s a reality show with self-proclaimed beauties competing for a spot in People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful issue. Each week they’re judged on their outer beauty, but when the judges have to cut someone, unbeknownst to the contestants, they’re being judged on their inner beauty. Oh the drama!)

And who can’t help but notice the nails of those vain, vain ladies on this show?

Interestingly, the beauty-obsessed gals aren’t so obsessed with nail polish. Instead, they seem to be opting for the classic pink-and-white nails. Almost-given-the-boot Chelsea seems to like hers short and square, while ex Miss Teen Texas Julia keeps them short and round. Model Laura goes for the longer, square look.

Hmmm…it looks like the French is still what’s beautiful to these detail-obsessed ladies! Next time your clients want to know what style is prettiest, steer them to ABC on Monday nights.

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