INM’s director of education Rachel Mouritsen explains how to do an easy nail art design for techs just starting to branch into multilayered nail art.

Making multi-layered nail art embellishments can actually be easier than you think.

The first step is to choose your color scheme for your design, then pick the embellishments you are going to add. The three easiest items to start off with are dried flowers, crushed shells, and iced mylar. Once you’ve decided what the nails will look like, place your base color on all 10 nails. The first layer should be very thin to allow room for the embellishments. Next, apply the dried flowers onto all 10 nails, and then put the shells and the iced mylar on after that. Finish by capping the entire nail using clear acrylic, and put a UV top coat on to give it a high-shine.


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