“Going green is in, and that’s a good thing,” says Chef Paul F. Magnant, Dean of Culinary at Stratford University. Many of his recommendations for going green in the kitchen apply to the salon as well, whether you’re serving food and beverages to clients or using all-natural ingredients in specialty hand and food treatments. “Even following through with just a couple of the tips below will net positive results,” he says.

•Buy local. Buy as much food that is locally produced as you can, so that fuel isn’t wasted trucking it to you. Also, forgo the paper-or-plastic debate by sticking to reusable bags you take to the store.

•Skip the disposables. Opt for utensils and dishes that can be reused to save on resources. Turn old sheets, towels, or clothing into rags for cleaning by cutting them into small pieces.

•Keep it going. Stick a wicker basket in the salon to contain all of the items destined for recycling. Once the day is over or the basket is full, just take it to the larger bins to be sorted.

•Invest in a water filter. Skip buying the bottles of water and invest in a water-filtration device. You’ll save a lot of money in the end and will avoid adding to the water-bottle problem our country faces.

•Clean green. You will save money by using natural cleaning supplies, and you will keep unnecessary chemicals out of the environment, as well.

•Think big. When it’s time to buy new appliances, like a fridge, opt for ones that are energy-efficient by specifically looking for the Energy Star endorsement. Energy Star is a government-backed initiative that ensures you are buying an energy-efficient product. Bigger isn’t always better, especially if you don’t need the extra room.

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