CND’s File and Buffer Sampler has 12 different files to shape, refine, and finish both natural and enhanced nails. CND has also developed a special method for using this sampler to finish enhancements with consistency from finger to finger and to create a perfect design for every client. The Sampler comes packaged in a convenient and reusable storage box, and as a guide, this nail has been tinted red to demonstrate the steps of this method.


1. After creating the front form (outline) of the nail, bevel evenly along the side walls from the eponychium (cuticle area) to the tip of the extension edge. A 180-grit padded file such as the OutBlack is perfect for this step. Be sure to bevel from the center of the nail to the side, this will create an even sidewall with no rounded corners.


2. Bevel from the center of the nail to the extension edge creating a thin and even surface. Also check that the upper arch of the C-curve matches the under arch of the nail. This can be judged by rocking the nail forward to check.


3. Bevel the cuticle area of the nail with a thin file (the Kanga File is ideal for this step) to ensure you are protecting the eponychium and surrounding tissue. Keep your file flat on the surface you are filing to prevent digging into the natural nail.


4. Once you’re finished with the front form and shape, buff the nail to a high shine with SolarOil and the 1200-grit side of the Boomerang File for scratch refinement. Finish by buffing the nail to a high-gloss shine with the Girlfriend Buffer.

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