Spring is here, as is an upturn in requests for your waxing services. We’ve rounded up a variety of waxes and starter kits to help you find the perfect products to get you through swimsuit season (and the rest of the year).

Mancine Professional’s Strawberry Ultra Flexxx Hard Wax is perfect for bikini waxing. It doesn’t leave residue on the skin, is hypoallergenic, and, according to the company, it makes waxing up to 80 percent less painful for the client than other hard waxes. The company’s Vanilla Ultra Flexxx Strip Wax heats at a low melting temperature and also doesn’t leave behind any residue. 


From Clean + Easy comes its Açai Berry Full Body Hard Wax and its Aromatherapy Collection Wax Refill Assorted 3 Pack. The Açai Berry wax contains phytosterols to promote skin cell regeneration and anthocyanins for anti-inflammatory benefits. The Aromatherapy Collection is exclusively for facial waxing and includes mandarin, lemongrass, and cherry blossom scented wax. 


Wax ’n Waxing’s beeswaxbased wax requires no muslin strips, hair trimming, or pre/postwaxing creams. The Warmer Kit contains the warmer (with a control for 10 temperature options), a pound of wax, spatulas, and an instructional DVD. 


From Cold Wax Co. comes L’Eily Cold Wax, a sugar wax that can be used cold on most parts of the body. It’s available in a starter kit that includes the wax itself, pre-wax cleanser and dusting powder, after wax toner and gel, portion cups, applicators, and waxing strips.  


Liquid Resin Wax from Flora Wax is ideal for sensitive skin. It contains azulen, a German chamomile derivative, which is an anti-inflammatory and soothing agent.  


GiGi’s Hard Wax with Floral Passions contains anti-inflammatory arnica flower extract, calming rose oil, soothing chamomile extract, and calendula flower extract. The company’s Mimosa Film Wax, a formula that combines the smoothness of a hard wax with the resilience of a soft wax, features tenuiflora bark extract, which heals and soothes skin while promoting cellular renewal. 


Amber Products’ Double Master Depilatory Kit is a comprehensive waxing kit that’s ideal for the salon professional. The wax heater heats two cans of wax simultaneously, allowing for multiple treatments. Also included are Amber’s Turquoise and Cream Wax, both made of natural resins and rosins, plus a set of pre- and post-waxing products. 


Get even and consistent wax application with the Hive of Beauty Roller Waxing System. This portable waxing system is ideal for salon and mobile therapists currently using depilatory wax or sugar products. The patented grooved roller heads deliver even distribution of the product over the entire surface of the head, allowing for a consistent application of wax. 


The Line Waxing Kit from Depilève offers precision and ease of application on even the most difficult areas. The kit comes with a cartridge warmer, replacement cartridges, large and small applicators, facial and body strips, prebase, milk cleanser, Easy Clean, and plant extract ampoules.   


Mastex's Thermal Spa Tea Tree Cream Depilatory Wax conditions and moisturizes skin as it removes hair. A honey formula and an azulene formula are also available.   

Don’t stop here. Send your clients home with a selection of pre- and post-wax products. Go to Retail Boutique for ideas.

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