Nail tech Connie Guzzo was splashing in the bath when inspiration struck. She was kicking her legs back and forth and thought how nice it would be if one of her abrasive pedicure tools was on the bottom of the tub doing its magic on her callused feet. Guzzo designed several prototypes and mailed them to family and friends to try out.

The result of her efforts is the KIK-N-IT Callus Remover & Smoother, water-resistant disks topped with a 60-grit working surface. The set of disks adheres to the bottom of the tub or shower. “You simply kick it with a swiping motion when you are sitting and your feet are wet,” says Guzzo. “The water softens your feet before the exfoliation. The weight of the body does all the hard work.” A great home care item for salon goers, each KIK-N-IT kit contain two disks and retails for $9.95. Wholesale pricing is available.

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