Cuccio Naturalé and Star Nail CEO Tony Cuccio knows how to shake up your business to get extraordinary results. Here are his marketing tips:

1. Increase retail dollars. Carry spa-only products and give nail technicians a percentage of the commission of retail sales. Use point-of-purchase displays and banners to help the technician sell to her customers. This small addition can increase revenue by 25%.

2. Offer tiered services. Breaking up your services into different levels will create brand loyalty and loyalty to the salon. By giving options, you have something to offer clients in each market category. Simply giving a choice to clients can increase your service revenue by 30%-40%.

3. Offer incentive programs. Provide your staff with great incentives — like vacation trips — to sell retail. Adding the lure of a great prize can increase retailing by 10%.

4. Gift certificate time. You can’t sell gift certificates if they’re sitting in a drawer. Create a display — a Lucite postcard holder works well — that’s visible to all. Use generic gift certificates that work well for any season; simply change the display header for the appropriate holiday. With gift certificates you receive a new client and you have an opportunity to create salon loyalty.

5. Raise the perception of your salon. Upgrade your ambiance and offer services that demonstrate the true meaning of “spa” like the Cuccio Naturalé Signature Service kits for themed manicures and pedicures. By raising the perception of your salon you can increase sales by 20%.

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