It’s the time of year when most nail techs are giving their all to make their client’s holiday as holly as possible. But what we’d like to know is what Santa can do for you. We asked nail techs to tell us: When it comes to your professional life, what gift would you most like to receive?

“I would love to have my line of hand-made, natural, organic skin care products discovered by a large company or celebrity and have it become well known nationally. I have worked long and hard on my Sea of Softness products and currently enjoy a local fan base, but it’s my dram to create something that has taken off worldwide.”

Kathi Heim

Kathi’s Hands and Feet

Richmond Heights, Ohio

“I would most like to have all new lighting in my salon. I have fluorescent overhead lighting and would love to have track. Lighting can change the whole feel of a salon. I’ve wanted this for a few years but new lighting is expensive. Those darling little lights on tracks cost a fortune! I feel new lighting would create a more intimate, updated atmosphere and that in turn would spark my techs.”

Mary Metscaviz

Awesome Nails

Grayslake, Ill

“I would like to have our profession at the point that entry level would start above $25,000 a year, guaranteed, with benefits. Everyone in our profession – hair stylists, skin care, nails, and barbers – would receive health care benefits, life insurance, vacations, sick days, personal days, and pensions and that would push more to stay in this industry.”

Diana Bonn

Identity Salon

Muncle, Ind.

“I just moved into my own place in an office building and I love it. The gift I would love to have this holiday is keeping the clients I have and being able to stay where I am.”

Susan Fischer

Angel Tips

Fresno, Calif.

“I would love to receive some sort of spa service for myself, Being in the salon industry I don’t often have time to pamper myself. I would love being ‘the client’ at different spas to see how they do services I perform and how well the spa flows.”

Tiffany D’Incau

Adevia SpaSalon

Forest Lake and Isanti, Minn.

“For Christmas this year, I’d like to have my young eyesight and talented, dexterous hands back. I’ve only been a nail tech since 1976 but last year I had to quit doing acrylic nails because the joints on my thumbs hurt so much. I can still do manicures and pedicures but I miss the artistry and creativity of the acrylic nails.”

Linda Cusimano-Clemmons

My Place for Nails

Tulsa, Okla.

“I would like to become a ‘guru’ in the nail industry. It is very early in my career, but I hope someday to have a huge impact in the nail industry. I would love to invent something brilliant for nail techs or maybe create a new technique.”

G. Elizondo

D’Hair To Be Different

Las Vegas



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